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The Connecting Sound

Please feel free to send other bhajan words. Also point out any type / other errors if noticed. When writing, please quote Ref: Bhajans

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Prayers and Mantras

Some Set Prayers For Children

21 Ganesh Mantras For Puja

Ganesh Namavali


Hanuman Chalisha

Sri Sathya Sai Namavali 

Sri Sathya Sai Patha Namavali

Paduka Song - 4 Languages


Nine Point Code of Conduct

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Organising your list :-

DIY Bhajan List (UK Style Blank Layout 1)

DIY Bhajan List (UK Style Blank Layout 2)

Wembley Centre Akhand Bhajan List (2021)

"Your House" Bhajan Slide Presentation(524KB)


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