Today's children if moulded correctly will produce the ideal citizens of tomorrow. Sai School of Harrow one of the largest weekend Schools with 500 pupils is run under the inspiration of Sai Baba, a world-renowned spiritual leader, social reformer and founder of the Education in Human Values Programme.

To compliment their school ethos, it has long been an ambition of their Head Teacher to introduce a Sai Citizenship programme which will help their pupils understand their responsibilities as members of our society.

Sai Citizen Day was launched on Saturday 6th December, 2003 from Stanburn School, Stanmore, Middlesex in the presence of Councillor Navin Shah, Deputy Leader of Harrow Council, Commodore and Mrs. Barrett and Chief Inspector Mawson from Harrow Police.

The Sai Citizenship programme kicked off with Age Concern talking about older people in Harrow who are vulnerable in the winter. To focus on their Fight the Freeze efforts, Sai School children participated in Wear A Hat Day and raised 300.00 for Age Concern, Harrow.

Sai School will provide opportunities for their pupils and youths to be involved in community projects on local, national and global levels. Each class will adopt a different charity covering a wide range of issues enabling the pupils to work towards a different cause each year. Sai School will endeavour to positively influence their pupils in understanding mutual respect, responsibility for their actions and importance of knowing how others feel. The citizenship ethos matches Sai Baba's message to his followers, "Each one of you is a part of society and your individual welfare is intimately tied up with the welfare of society."

Sai School of Harrow participated at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and was a finalist in the Queens Award 2003 for their contributions in serving the community.


Mrs. Mehta-Radia, Head Teacher of this popular weekend School was highly recommended for the Beacon Fellowship 2003 and feels confident that Sai Citizens will make a difference in many people's lives in the coming years. Visit their website on for more information


Ranu Mehta-Radia

U K - 28/12/03



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