Use the body to entertain good thoughts and perform good acts.  Regulation of diet and regulation of other living habits are very necessary.  There can be five evils associated with the following body organs:-


*     EARS

*     EYES

*     HANDS

*     MOUTH

*     NOSE


The relevant evils associated with hearing, sight, action, speech, and smell should be got rid of.  It is not something that will happen overnight.  At this stage it should be stressed that it is a life long process.  The senses are extremely powerful.  They are the root causes for all the joys and sorrows of mankind.  One should understand the nature and role of the senses and harness them to the best advantage.


As it has been said, if the head harbours wicked thoughts, if the tongue indulges in abuse, if the eyes are keen to observe the lapses of other people, if the ears are alert to over hear others, if the mind and heart are bent upon deceiving others, at the very sight of these monstrosities, justice and fair play will not survive at all.


We need somebody to guide us and help us to stay on the right path.  One Guide for us all is the answer.  The one who has a set of simple rules for us all.  It is this one that helps us to establish the oneness in all creation.  This planet of ours is a massive  place, where we all live in different places and need to refer to this one at the same time.  Since we need this one at all times to help us to use our body organs wisely, we would expect him to be with us at all times.  This one is available to us all at the same time.  This one is all knowing and all powerful.  And hence we say that this one is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  To us human beings, this one is known as GOD.  Since we need God at all times to help us to use our body organs wisely, we would expect him to be with us at all times.  God is neither a She nor a He but here, for the sake of simplicity we will refer to him as He.  Our heart is said to be the residence of God.


Our body is the body of God.  We normally say that this is my hand, this is my leg etc.  When we say my hand, my leg etc, we do not mean hand belonging to the body and leg belonging to the body.  Clearly, otherwise we would say that this hand belongs to the body and this leg belongs to the body


This also proves that God and the body are two and not one and the same.  The word My signifies that this formless God is confirming that the hands, legs etc. belong to him.  The presence of God within us can be experienced more and more as we progress spiritually.  And Spirituality can be considered as a systematic faith in this super human power called God.


The idea is to uplift ourselves so that we can harmonise our thought word and deed at all times.  There is no need to leave the mundane life to sit under a tree and keep meditating for the rest of the life.  Although I feel that some of our daily life should be spent doing so at home.  We should understand that there are two tendencies in human nature, one to harmonise the ideal with the life and the other to elevate the life to the ideal.  One has to understand that the former tendency is the temptation of our lives.  This is one of the main reasons why so many people have got left behind by not benefiting from the advancement of Science and Technology of the qualified people and leaders.  Through the process of thinking, God tells us what to say and what to do.  To get more and more into this system, like anything else, there are rules to follow.


As at today, my belief is that the full package for total upliftment of an individual lies in the following three points.  (At times we may follow one more than the other).




>> Starting the day regularly between 3.00a.m. and 6.00a.m. and silently sitting and concentrating by chanting the name of our Lord is a must for all. Other thoughts come and take away our concentration.  A bundle of these thoughts is our mind.  To kill these early morning disturbing thoughts, chant the name of the Lord a bit louder to recommence concentration.  Gradually we forget the material world.  The Almighty Lord, the person meditating and the whole process becomes one.  This stage of love and bliss experienced is in us all.  Love is God.  Bliss is God.  At this stage, no problem should worry us.  All solutions to any problems can be reached as per the rules of God at this stage.  If this is done regularly, our discriminative power becomes more and more efficient and the need arises to conduct our worldly duties remembering: - Truth, Righteousness, Equanimity, Love, and Non-Violence.  The rules are made by the Almighty Lord, who resides in us all.  Gradually, the bad qualities called: - Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Arrogance will diminish.  The mind can be with God while the hands are at work and thereby referring to the rules for every act of ours.  Always go to the rules to harmonise the thought, word and deed for that sacred action.  This way our knowledge increases making us more devotional and our actions more beneficial spiritually.


>> Secondly, study of spiritual literature, prayers and devotional singing at home with members of the family and a group at a place of worship away from home are also necessary.


>> Thirdly, for more upliftment, we can do service activities at the individual and community level without expecting any material reward or appreciation but solely to win the Love and Grace of God.


All this gives true qualities to an individual and this individual does not have to be a person with a degree.  But when the person ends up having one, the qualification so obtained is full of good character.  This good character makes one more approachable, humble and full of good morals.  These are the people who can bring about the true changes to this planet.  Surely, our progress and advancement into science and technology can continue but now, as we have a good character with our degree, the latter is not used as a begging bowl for our material advancement only.


Whenever God takes birth on earth in human form, he does so possessing all such good qualities.  And he comes for the entire population.  He reminds us about this formless God within us.  So we need not get lost when the form is not seen for some years.  It could be some hundreds of  years.  But at the right time, he does take birth.


For as long we are on earth, the prayers should be O' Lord, please lead me from:-


Untruth to Truth


Darkness to Light


Death to Immortality


Let there be Peace, Peace and Peace.


UK - Dilip






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