Make today your tomorrow


Tomorrow is another day, a day for new beginnings for me
A day to treasure, a day to build memories I think

Tomorrow is another day for me to lovingly extend my hand
To everyone I know or meet to reveal the love of the great I AM

Tomorrow is another day for me to praise God and His Name
For me to spend time with Him and His Word and His message to proclaim

Tomorrow is another day to get rid of what has been in disorder
For me to right all the wrongs, for me to get my affairs in order

But then again, maybe not, for tomorrow may not just be
Another tomorrow might not come, it might be a day I may not live to see

I cannot rely or depend upon tomorrow as I say and know

We know God may give us today but He does not promise tomorrow for us

So let me make today my tomorrow to put all my affairs and life back straight
To show His Love to the world, for tomorrow may be too late

Today I can be called home and so would have to leave this world that I live in
There must be no regrets and I should not leave this world in sin

This way, He will not hold the book of life and shake his head in sorrow
And tell me Heaven will not be my home just because I waited for tomorrow


Today I lovingly extend my hand of friendship and this is December 2010

And today I give all a chance, a chance to tell the world what you can do today


Send Something Religious - Something Spiritual - Something Uplifting 

Yes send it for this site for others to read and benefit


.....Do not wait to tell them tomorrow.


And if you are going to forward this link, do so TODAY.


Thank you and take care.


Dilip - UK






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