Make today your tomorrow


So let me make today my tomorrow to put all my affairs and life back straight.
To to tell about their Love to the world, for tomorrow may be too late.

Today I can be called home and so would have to leave this world that I live in.
There must be no regrets and I should not leave this world in sin.

This way, He will not hold the book of life and shake his head in sorrow.
And tell me Heaven will not be my home just because I waited for tomorrow.


Today I lovingly extend my hand of friendship and discuss how we can join

others who left us but still see us and guide us from above.




Written in the memory of Mother and Father.

Mother joined Father on 01/07/2008


Curiosity - a strong desire to know or learn something.


Science went forward with a desire to learn how something works and later decided to copy, remake similar item, fix existing item and so on.


For example, medical science comes in to look after a human body. A body that was supplied. A body that does wonders. Breaths, thinks, drinks, eats, digests, removes waste. A body filled with various organs carrying out various tasks in unity.


A human being studies the functioning of another human being. That is the excellence of the human being that is able to study another human being. That body is also provided. The thought process is built in when the human body is available. That first inhalation, that first ignition takes place after birth and we have a human body able to carry out various tasks. Science took over after that and moved forward step by step and here we are.


Yes that question about the big bang comes in. Yes to know how the first creation came about. That means we are now trying to do a reverse of scientific journey. We moved forward and step by step as said above. So what is required now to learn the Super Science? Yes, the science that gave us what we see. Simple as that. The Super Science that was there to create.


Yes, the question we did not ask when moving forward step by step. So every now and again we pause. At times more so, when we have gone through many years in our lives. Yes, that question comes up in the mind. The question that makes us ask why I came to the planet earth and who put all this thought process in me to make me what I am today.


You may say that you achieved a lot, cured many people, helped many people and that is all that matters. But have you ever felt that there was that spark in you that made you do what you have been doing all your life? Yes, all the good you may have done. That feeling and belief that having a selfish nature won’t be the right thing to do. That feeling and the faith you had in that feeling belongs to the Super Science as you will realise. There was more to learn from that Super Science had we tried. But our race was to move in another direction to make a living.


On the other hand you might not have been of much help to your fellow human beings and the surrounding. And now you are old.


In both cases, you have reached that stage when the first inhalation that ignited you is to be replaced with that last exhalation. That is your end. We missed that very chance to go towards that Super Science. Yes, to find out about the engineer who organised this marvellous body in the first place. Yes, I mean going inwards step by step instead of outwards step by step. Outward science and inward Super Science now come in as we approach that last breath. Reverse of science takes us towards Super Science. Yes, that inward journey.


So please try to spend a lot of time doing that inward journey too. Yes, the journey that will make you feel proud and realise you have achieved something worthwhile as the breathing continued. The journey that is powered by the breath, without which we are dead. The human body is provided to go inwards. This body that has not been provided by science but it has been provided by The Super Science. Yes, the Creator gave all. Our goal is to merge with the Creator successfully by being good. Yes, a place from where we can see and guide other human beings too. Yes, a place where Mother and Father are now and from there they see us all and guide us. Do that inward journey to realise the wonders of The Super Science and be there where we belong.


Curiosity - a strong desire to know or learn something.


Dilip - UK





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