"The 3 Points"
Meditate - Pray & Study - Serve - (Knowledge    -    Devotion    -    Action)



Meditation is a constant inquiry as to who am I.  What is loving and what is harsh.

Regular meditation increases our discriminative power and the need arises to conduct our wordily duties remembering Truth, Righteousness, Equanimity, Love and Non-Violence.

The rules are made by the Almighty Lord, who resides in us all.  Gradually, the bad qualities called Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Arrogance will diminish.  The mind can be with God while the hands are at work and thereby referring to the rules for every act of ours.

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Promoting a dedicated mind selflessly in the thought of God by singing His glory, one becomes humble, polite, more approachable and ready to serve in a selfless manner.

Family and group singing also promotes unity.

Study of spiritual literature helps to pacify the mind and directs us onto the  right path.

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Being a good example is a good form of service in itself.  Any free time can be used for service activities at the individual and community level without expecting any material reward or appreciation but solely to earn Love and Grace from God.

Service is a spiritual discipline and not a pass time of the rich and well placed.

Love all serve all.

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